Next-generation business planning platform

Next-generation business planning platform


Improves planning, operational and strategic decisions, and overall business performance


Significantly enhances the value of any business from the classical automation of various planning processes

From classic business planning automation...

The Jume Platform's core functionality provides complete automation of all supply chain planning and management processes


Demand planning and forecasting

Inventory replenishment

Promotion planning and optimization

Purchasing planning

Production planning

Price forecasting

Delivery planning

Financial planning


FMCG producers


Dairy producers

Non-food producers

Distribution and logistics


Retail chains

Industrial enterprises

…To business process intelligence

Jume Planning Twin’s integrated intelligent modules significantly enhance the effect of classical automation and improve planning quality

Jume Forecast, based on machine learning and deep learning algorithms, improves forecasting accuracy: demand, sales, orders, prices

Jenius, based on AI technologies, provides users with hints and tips to accelerate and improve the quality of planning specialists work

Jume Optimizer, based on advanced mathematical methods, resolves optimization and decision-making problems to improve business efficiency

Return on investment in just one year

Positive effects from the implementation of Jume1 even in companies where another business planning system has been previously implemented

+10 %

10% Increase in sales forecast accuracy

+3 %

Over 3% potential increase in company profits

-3 %

3% reduction in spoiled product write-offs against annual turnover

-50 %

50% reduction in labor costs for a planning team of 30+ people

1 Platform and/or its individual intelligent modules

Team experience and clients

Solutions based on the Jume platform are being used and implemented in leading international companies.

A large distributor of exotic berries, fruits and avocados

More details

The leading producer of dairy products and baby food around world

More details

One of the largest vegetable producers

A large ice cream producer

The leading FMCG producer in the US and around the world

More details

Platform implementation

SaaSformat, on-premise delivery possible

One-time implementation cost

7-14 days for pilot on client data

Automatic integration with existing systems

Annual license fee

Average module launch time - 5-6 months

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