Common signs of the need to start planning re-engineering

Low accuracy of demand and sales forecasts

Poor connectivity to the financial budgeting process

Poor correlation between sales forecast and supply plan

Short planning horizon

Lack of S&OP process and leader

Low effectiveness of promotional activities

Multiple plans instead of scenario planning


Process Consulting

Consulting services for the audit and re-engineering of supply chain planning and management processes

From initial diagnosis and process maturity assessment to support for change implementation

Suitable for businesses seeking a complete process transformation: process + technology

The key objective of the consulting project is to improve the quality of the process and prepare for its automation

Main area of expertise - companies from the consumer goods sector and related industries

Types and stages of the reengineering process

Audit of the target process

Core service:

Diagnosis of the target planning process


A report on the state of the process (process, data, systems, people and roles) with a roadmap for process improvement

Target process alignment

Core service:

Assistance in creating a roadmap for implementing process improvements, redesigning the process, or building it from scratch


  • Process implemented
  • System for monitoring process status
  • Roadmap for further development of the process and systems
Preparation of the process and team for automation

Core service:

Preparation of the terms of reference for the implementation of the Jume platform


Technical and business “staging” requirements to launch the Jume implementation process

How we work

The primary goal of the consulting practice is to help our client improve the targeted planning processes and subsequent implementation of the Jume platform

This is us

We audit and support the implementation of changes to planning and supply chain management processes

We have extensive experience as consultants and users with most of the world's major planning systems: Anaplan, SAP IBP, o9

We consider working with the process as a preparation for further automation of planning processes on the basis of the Jume platform.

This is not us

We do not provide consulting for associated or other business management processes (ERP, master data management, warehouse management, sales and marketing, etc.).

We do not provide independent consulting on selecting the right system for planning, we always recommend Jume

We do not work with consultants to implement other planning systems

The potential effect of re-engineering planning

-15 %

15% utilization of fixed assets and reduction of inventory

0.3 %

Reduction of the percentage of write-offs and liquidation of goods to less than 0.3% of turnover

-50 %

50% reduction of time spent on the planning process

98 +

Up to 98% increase in the level of client service

+20 %

20% increase in the effectiveness of promotions

6 from10

60% of innovations fully achieve their goals

Source: Oliver Wight, as well as examples from the experience of other FMCG companies. Actual results depend on the state of the business in each case.

Project launch roadmap


Presentation of process re-engineering services

1 hour

Presentation of the work methodology and obtaining initial client brief


Formulation of project goal and objectives

1-2 hours

Interview with the sponsor and key participants to align positions within the client's team on the project’s goals, objectives and expectations


Project alignment and launch

1 hour

Discussion on the feasibility of the project, agreement on objectives, outline, cost and preliminary project plan