Green Index

Green Index by Jume

More than a third of all food produced each year spoils and goes to waste before reaching the end consumer. Poor forecasting and planning, as well as supply chain management problems, are the main causes for hundreds of millions of tons of product being written off and wasted.

By improving forecasting and planning accuracy at leading consumer goods companies, Jume is directly addressing this problem. This is why we have made a commitment to help significantly reduce the number of products that are written off and destroyed every day due to planning issues. Each year, we update our own “green index” by summarizing the number of finished goods write-offs that Jume clients have been able to reduce since implementing the platform.


Jume clients have managed to reduce the number of finished goods write-offs by more than USD $21 mln since 2020.*

*Calculation based on available data from clients with approximation for several years.